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Department of Zoology

Prof Bill Sutherland working in his office

We are delighted to offfer our congratulations to Professor Bill Sutherland who has been awarded Honorary Membership of the British Ecological Society. This is the highest award the BES gives, recognising exceptional contributions at international level to the generation, communication and promotion of ecological knowledge and solutions. Other people that currently hold Honorary Membership include Sir David Attenborough, Dame Georgina Mace, Sir Charles Godfray and Sir John Lawton.

The BES have given this award to Bill for his "leadership of Conservation Evidence which has revolutionised the use of scientific evidence by practitioners. His work on resolving the most important unanswered questions in ecology and in conservation, has inspired many other scientific disciplines to follow suit."  

On receiving the award Bill said: “I am deeply honoured and thank the innumerable collaborators over my research career; I have loved the joy of research and the fun of working with others”

Bill along with the other 2019 prize winners will be presented with their awards during a ceremony held at the Society’s annual conference in December, which will bring together 1,200 ecologists from around 60 countries to discuss the latest advances in ecological research across the whole discipline.