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Department of Zoology


Our research focuses on the ecology of aquatic ecosystems, and in particular invasive species and the role of bivalve molluscs. Much of our work centres on using biology and ecology to answer questions which have wider practical applications.

Current research topics include:

  • Determining the factors influencing the spread and impacts of invasive species;
  • Quantifying the role of filter-feeding bivalves in aquatic ecosystems and utilising this filtration in the restoration of eutrophic waterbodies;
  • Developing methods for the control of invasive species;
  • Biomonitoring of heavy metal pollution using bivalve molluscs;
  • Determining the status of rare aquatic molluscs and developing techniques to assist their conservation;
  • Documenting aquatic species diversity in rarely studied lakes in China and Bangladesh and using this information to develop monitoring programmes for these habitats.

The wide scope and applied nature of our research has lead to the formation of collaborative links with other research departments in Cambridge, including Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, and Geography, as well as the Environment Agency and a number of UK water companies.