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Holly Barclay
Propagation for the conservation and applied use of freshwater mussels

Dr. Katherine Carr
Impacts of river management on macroinvertebrate biodiversity

Robert Cathcart
Effects of nutrient loading on ditch flora

Gawsia Wahidunnessa Chowdhury
Biotic index to assess the quality of wetlands in Bangladesh

Dr. Raquel Costa
(Co-supervised by Dr. Geoff Moggridge, Department of Chemical Engineering)
New control strategies for zebra mussels

Dr. Paul Elliott
Biology and control of zebra mussels Dreissena polymorpha

Dr. Belinda Gallardo
Freshwater invasive species: prevention, control and eradication

Dr. Reuben Keller
Risk assessment for non-native species

Dr. Anna McIvor
Freshwater mussels as biofilters

Dr Rebecca Mant
(Co-supervised by Dr. Geoff Moggridge, Department of Chemical Engineering)
Control of encrusting organisms in water treatment works

Dr. Stephan Müller
Ecology and impacts of Corbicula fluminea

Matthew Oreska
Assessing the economic aspects of aquatic invasive species in Great Britain

Dr Amael Paillex
Biological and Functional Diversity in large river floodplains: conservation and restoration.

Nicole Spann
Mussels as biomonitors of freshwater pollution.

Allison Truhlar
Impacts, dispersal, and control of an invasive freshwater crustacean

Dr Alexandra Zieritz
Variability and function of unionoidean shell shape and structure