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Department of Zoology



I completed an integrated Master's at the University of Sheffield (2014-18) under Professor David Edwards, focused on  how post-logging interventions can be used to restore multiple values in selectively logged landscapes. My Master's project focused on the effects of vine-cutting and enrichment planting on dung beetle recovery in heavily logged forests in Borneo. I came to Cambridge to further explore the potential for forest restoration to deliver benefits to people and widlife. My project supervisors are Professor Andrew Balmford, and David Edwards (co-supervisor) and I am studying under the Peter Scott Studentship. 


I am interested in the conservation outcomes of different forest restoration approaches. I am also interested in how we can meet growing timber demands at least cost to biodiversity. 


Key publications: 


Cerullo, GR, Edwards, DP, Actively restoring resilience in selectively logged tropical forests. J Appl Ecol. 2019; 56: 107– 118.

Cerullo, GR, Edwards, FA, Mills SC, Edwards, DP.Tropical forest subjected to intensive post-logging silviculture maintains functionally diverse dung beetle communities, Forest Ecology and Management. 2019: 444: 318-326,

Bousfield, CG, Cerullo, GR, Massam, MR, Edwards, DP. Protecting environmental and socio-economic values of selectively logged tropical forests in the Anthropocene. Advances in Ecological Research, 2020: 10.1016/bs.aecr.2020.01.006