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Former group members

Former membersFormer visitors
Dr Aleksandra Birn-Jeffery Elmar Hackmann
Dr Hanns Hagen Goetzke Kerstin Tüchert
Dr David Labonte Ming-he Li
Dr Ed Barrett Mathias Scharmann
Dr Alexander Hackman
Dr Yanmin Zhou
Dr Ardian Jusufi
Dr Ulrike Bauer
Dr Adam Robinson
Dr Karin Moll
Dr Dan Thornham Sophie Gernay
Dr James Bullock Dimitri Smirnoff
Dr Jan-Henning Dirks Bennet Seifert
Dr Christofer Clemente
Dr Anne Peattie  
Dr Thomas Endlein  
Nanna Evers  
Dr Holger Bohn
Dr Patrick Drechsler  
Dr Tanja Brüning  

PhD hats

Following a German tradition, the workgroup crafts a special hat (mortarboard) for every PhD-student leaving the lab. Sculptures on these hats often represent memorable and unique moments from the student's research and their time at our group. Please feel free to take a look at our creations.