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Following a German tradition, the workgroup crafts a special hat (mortarboard) for every PhD-student leaving the lab. Sculptures on these hats often represent memorable and unique moments from the student's research and their time in our group. Please feel free to take a look at our creations.


Hann Hagen Goetzke (2015)

Highlights: Giant jumping spider, froghopper volleyball game, insect motivation device, super glasses.

David Labonte (2015)

Highlights: David's first mobile phone, peeling equation dispenser, rocky-in-a-pocket, do-it-yourself scaling plot.

Alexander Hackmann (2015)

Highlights: Giant ant antenna cleaner, Cambridge University Revolver and Pistol Club toy gun, and one of Hergé's lesser known books.

Yanmin Zhou (2015)

(Coming soon!)


Karin Moll (2012)

Highlights: fragmental ant, chat-o-meter chamber and fragment angle angel.

James Bullock (2010)

Highlights: giant hairy pad, shooting target, punting grad student and loads of dock beetles.

Ulrike Bauer (2010)

Highlights: toilet pitcher plant, rowing ant.

Jan-Henning Dirks (2009)

Highlights: slippery and non-slippery glass and polyimide coated rods, broken stick insect cage.

Patrick Drechser (2008)

Highlights: "adjustable drift" measurement box, smoking giant stick insect.

Thomas Endlein (2007)

Highlights: Movable unfolding ant-arolium, yellow card.

Holger F. Bohn (2007)

Highlights: Ant swimming-pool and recreation area.

Tanja Brüning (2006)

Highlights: rotating Macaranga-centrifuge, ants with individual own mortarboards.