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Department of Zoology


I am interested in the role of freshwater mussels as ecosystem engineers, in both temperate and tropical freshwater ecosystems, and the use of freshwater mussels as a bioremediation tool in eutrophic and polluted waterbodies.  Alongside this I am exploring how this approach to ecological restoration can be harnessed to deliver economic and social benefits, through the harvesting and potential downstream uses of mussel biomass and associated products.  My research also investigates changes to mussel populations as a result of both recent and long-term environmental alteration, and the implications for wider ecosystem functioning.

I am supported by a Whitten Studentship.


Key publications: 

Brian, J. I., Ollard, I. S., & Aldridge, D. C. (2021). Don't move a mussel? Parasite and disease risk in conservation action. Conservation Letters, e12799.

PhD student