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I'm currently a PhD student in the Insect Ecology Group based in the Museum of Zoology. I graduated with a BA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge in 2017, focusing on zoology in my final year. For my Part-II research project, I investigated the relationship between biodiversity and wellbeing at a grammar school in Canterbury, a project which was funded by a Partnership Grant from the Royal Society. I then studied for an MSc in Human Evolution and Behaviour at UCL, during which I researched the origins of lethal conspecific violence in humans and other apes.


I'm interested in the relationship between biodiversity and wellbeing. I'm researching biodiversity in UK primary school grounds. I'm interested in what biodiversity is present there and how we can manage it better for wildlife. I'm also interested in the effects of biodiversity on the wellbeing of school children, specifically on self-reported mental wellbeing and blood pressure. Finally, I'm also investigating how green spaces within school grounds can be better used to engage children with the natural world. My project is funded by NERC via the Cambridge Earth System Science DTP.

PhD Student

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Museum Room G.15
01223 (7)68919


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