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Drosophila Connectomics

Reconstruction of the circuits involved in olfactory learning and memory in the adult fly

Wellcome has made a £3.25M award to the Department of Zoology to support Drosophila connectomics. This will be delivered in collaboration with co-applicants from HHMI Janelia Research Campus in the US, the MRC LMB in Cambridge and the University of Oxford Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour.

The project aims to reconstruct neurons and their connections from a recently completed whole brain electron microscopy volume of the adult fly brain obtained at Janelia. The goal is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the neural circuit basis of memory storage and retrieval. Zoology hosts 10 team members who are carrying out computer-assisted neuronal reconstruction and data analysis. They interact closely with a similar team in the US as well as experimental groups in Oxford and Cambridge.

For more details of our work see the Research page.

Our team also has a blog dedicated to connectomics and our research projects. Apart from research, see here for what else we've been up to.

We are looking for Research Interns, to work with us from 3 months to one year. See here for details. 


Neurons traced in 3D
Some of the neurons traced by our group
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Mapping the fly brain