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Team overview

Our team includes 15 scientists based in the UK, including both research assistants and associates. Our newest group member joined us in April 2021. We have hosted several summer students, as well as academic visitors.

One post-doctoral level post in the group is based jointly in Oxford/Cambridge to provide a link to the experimental lab of Scott Waddell and give scientific direction to projects that would have particular impact on that lab's experimental work.


UK team


Gregory Jefferis (Zoology & MRC LMB)

Matthias Landgraf (Zoology)

Scott Waddell (Oxford)


Research Coordinator

Louisa Gordon


Senior Staff

Marta Costa (UK Team Lead, Neuroanatomy, Light level image analysis, Administrative lead)

Philipp Schlegel (EM and CATMAID lead)


Research Associates

Paul Brooks

Kathi Eichler

Sri Jagannathan

Dominik Krzeminski

Elizabeth Marin

Tomke Stuerner

Nils Otto (postdoc in Scott Waddell's group)


Research Assistants

Siqi Fang

Joe Hsu (at Janelia)

Alex Javier 

Irene Salgarella

Varun Sane

Imaan Tamimi

Yijie Yin



Gwyneth Card, Janelia Research Campus

Gerry Rubin, Janelia Research Campus

Previous PIs: Davi Bock, Janelia Research Campus/University of Vermont (2016-2021)


 Philipp Schlegel, Marta Costa, Greg Jefferis, Scott Waddell, Gerry Rubin, Davi Bock)

PIs and senior team in 2016 (left to right: Philipp Schlegel, Marta Costa, Greg Jefferis, Scott Waddell, Gerry Rubin, Matthias Landgraf, Davi Bock)



Laia Serratosa (Research Assistant, Oct 2019 - Feb 2020) - now working at Roche

Marlon Blanquart (Intern, July 2020 - September 2020) 

Ildikó Stark (Research Assistant, May 2019 - Sept 2020) - now PhD student with Matthias Landgraf

Nik Drummond (Research Assistant, July 2018 - Sep 2020) - now PhD student with Axel Borst, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried

Robert Turnbull (Research Assistant, Sep 2018 - Sep 2020) - now PhD student in Katja Röper's lab, MRC-LMB

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