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Below you can find all group alumni and see what they are doing now. Have a look!

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Research Associates

Katharina Eichler (Research Associate, Oct 2020 - May 2023) - joined the Thum lab at the University Leipzig, Germany

Dominik Krzeminski (Research Associate, Mar 2021 - Jan 2023) - working at Arm, Cambridge

Sri Jagannathan (Research Associate, April 2019 - June 2021) - now has a Postdoc fellowship in David Owald's lab, Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Paavo Huoviala (Research Associate, Feb 2017 - Jan 2018) - now postdoc in Eugenia Chiappe's lab, Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown

Research Assistants

Marcia Cunha dos Santos (Research Assistant, Nov 2021 - Aug 2023) - PhD Biomedical Engineering at Duke University

Chris Dunne (Research Assistant, Nov 2021 - Aug 2023) - PhD Informatics student at the University of Sussex

Griffin Badalamente (Research Assistant, July 2021 - July 2023) - PhD student in the Heinze lab at the Lund University, Sweden

Varun Sane (Research Assistant, Oct 2020 - Sept 2022) - joined the Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology graduate programme at UCSB

Imaan Tamimi (Research Assistant, Dec 2018 - Feb 2022) - PhD student in the Homem lab, CEDOC, Lisbon

Siqi Fang (Research Assistant, Oct 2020 - Oct 2021) - nw joined a Computational Biology PhD programme at UCLA

Irene Salgarella (Research Assistant, Oct 2020 - Sept 2021) - now joined the Optical Biology PhD programme at UCL 

Alex Javier (Reseach Assistant, July 2019 - Sept 2021) - now PhD student in the Friedrich lab at the Friedrich Miescher Institute

Joe Hsu (Research Assistant at Janelia, Jan 2019 - June 2021) - now working at Govini

Laia Serratosa (Research Assistant, Oct 2019 - Feb 2020) - now working at Roche

Ildikó Stark (Research Assistant, May 2019 - Sept 2020) - now PhD student with Matthias Landgraf

Nik Drummond (Research Assistant, July 2018 - Sep 2020) - now PhD student with Axel Borst, Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried

Robert Turnbull (Research Assistant, Sep 2018 - Sep 2020) - now PhD student in Katja Röper's lab, MRC-LMB

Georgia Dempsey (Research Assistant, Jun 2019 - Sep 2020) - now graduate medical student at St. Andrews University

William Morris (Research Assistant, Sep 2018 - Sep 2020, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab) - now PhD student in Richard Benton's lab, University of Lausanne

Shanice Bailey (Research Assistant, Sep 2018 - Sep 2020, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab) - now PhD student at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

Markus Pleijzier (Research Assistant, Jul 2017 - Sep 2019) - now PhD student in Greg's LMB group

Konrad Heinz (Research Assistant, Oct 2017 - Sep 2019) - now PhD student with Gaspar Jekely, Exeter University

Amelia Edmondson-Stait (Research Assistant, Oct 2016 - May 2019) - now Wellcome Trust PhD student at the University of Edinburgh

Fiona Love (Research Assistant, Nov 2016 - Dec 2018) - now PhD student with Richard Eva, University of Cambridge

Ruairi Roberts (Research Assistant, Oct 2016 - Sept 2018) - now PhD student in Lucia Prieto-Godino's group, Francis Crick Institute

Katie Stevens (Research Assistant, Jan - Aug 2018, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab) - now PhD student at the MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences

Arian Jamasb (Research Assistant, Jul 2017 - Jun 2018) - now PhD student in Tom Blundell's and Pietro Lio's groups, University of Cambridge

Kimberly Meechan (Research Assistant, Nov 2016 - Mar 2018, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab) - now PhD student in Yannick Schwab's group, EMBL

Clément Hallou (Research Assistant, Oct 2016 - May 2017)

Visitors and Interns

Marlon Blanquart (Intern, July 2020 - September 2020) - undergraduate student at University of California, San Diego

Xincheng Zhao (Academic visitor, Associate Professor at Henan Agricultural University, China, June 2019 - June 2020)

Anja Friedrich (Visitor June-October 2019, Research Assistant with Ilona Kadow, Technical University of Munich)

Jocelyn To (undergraduate summer student, Aug - Sep 2019)

Cagla Kaya (undergraduate summer student, Aug - Sep 2019, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab)

Amalia Braun (MSc student, Mar - May 2019) - now PhD student in Alex Borst's lab, Max Plack Institute of Neurobiology

Laurin Büld (intern, Jul 2018 - Mar 2019) - MSc student at the University of Gotingen

Maria Theiss (intern, Jul 2018 - Mar 2019) - now PhD student in the Brazma group, EBI.

Patricia Popovici (summer student 2018, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab)

Ilenia Salaris (Spring intern 2018)

Johann Schor (visitor Dec 2017 - Jul 2018, Thomas Préat's group)

Irene Varela (summer student 2017, 2018, Oct 2018 - Mar 2019, in collaboration with the Jefferis lab) - now PhD student in Marta Nieto's lab, National Centre of Biotechnology in Madrid

Mahmoud Elbahnasawi (summer student 2017) 

Zane Mitrevica (summer student 2017) - now PhD student at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre