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After completing a PhD in neurophysiology, on mechanisms of induction of long-term changes in neuronal activity in the mammalian cerebral cortex, I held postdoctoral posts at Cambridge and Bristol Medical School, before becoming Senior Assistant in Research, Assistant Director of Research and University Lecturer in the Department of Zoology at Cambridge. Most of my career has been spent analysing neural mechanisms of learning and memory associated with filial imprinting in the chick, using behavioural, physiological, histological and biochemical techniques. I was Director of the Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour from 2010 until my retirement in 2014. I continue to work in the field of behavioural neuroscience and welcome correspondence.


The neural mechanisms of learning and memory, particularly imprinting in the domestic chick. The young of many species, when exposed to a conspicuous object (an imprinting stimulus), rapidly learn the object's characteristics and subsequently narrow their social preferences to it. This learning process is called imprinting, the study of which has yielded important insights into the nature of learning and memory. A part of the chick forebrain (the IMM) has been identified that is critical for imprinting. The available evidence indicates that the IMM is a site of memory for features of the imprinting stimulus. The characteristics of the IMM, and the system of which it is a part, continue to be a major research interest.


Key publications: 

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Other publications: 

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University Lecturer (retired)

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Sub-Department of Animal Behaviour, Madingley
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quantitative behaviour
Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience
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