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I began my PhD in the Zoology Department in October 2016 as a Gates Cambridge Scholar. My primary supervisor is Dr. Rose Thorogood of the Behavioural Ecology research group, and I am also supervised by Dr. John Ewen (Zoological Society of London).

Before starting my PhD, I graduated from Harvard University in 2016 with a degree in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and a minor in Mind, Brain, & Behavior. My undergraduate research experiences spanned the fields of behavioral ecology, animal cognition, and conservation biology, and gave me the opportunity to work with a range of species, including grey parrots, domestic dogs, and primates. For my thesis research, I studied sex differences in habitat use and ranging patterns of Yucatan spider monkeys and implications for their conservation in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve in southern Mexico.

Outside of my academic research, I am also passionate about humane education and conservation advocacy and have written on behalf of several organizations in my home state of Massachusetts.


I am fascinated by individual differences in behavior and am particularly interested in exploring the significance that behavioral variation can have for small populations and the environments they interact with. Specifically, I study the causes and consequences of diet specialization in a threatened New Zealand passerine, the hihi (Notiomystis cincta). I aim to explore how this variation can contribute not only to the long-term success of hihi populations but also to the restoration of native ecosystems through hihi’s roles as pollinators and seed dispersers.


Key publications: 

Andrews, CE, Ewen, JG, & Thorogood, R (2020). Enhancing dietary specialization metrics in observational studies of wild animal populations. Ecosphere 11:9.

Franks VR, Andrews CE, Ewen JG, McCready M, Parker KA, & Thorogood R (2019). Changes in social groups across reintroductions and effects on post-release survival. Animal Conservation.

McAuliffe K, Bogese M, Chang LW, Andrews CE, Mayer T, Faranda A, Hamlin JK and Santos LR (2019). Do dogs prefer helpers in an infant-based social evaluation task? Frontiers in Psychology 10:591.

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