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Dr Caitlin Black

Dr Caitlin Black

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building
Office Phone: +44 (0)7926 849668

Key Publications

Black C, Collen B, Lunn D, Filby D, Winnard S, Hart T (accepted). Variation in the phenology of Pygoscelis penguins across two species’ latitudinal ranges. Ecology and Evolution.

Jones F, Allen C, Arteta C, Arthur J, Black C, Emmerson L, Freeman R, Hines G, Lintott C, Macháčková Z, Miller G, Simpson R, Southwell C, Torsey H, Zisserman A, Hart T (accepted). Time- lapse imagery of penguin colonies– data for monitoring and computer vision, using citizen science. Scientific Data

Black C, Southwell C, Emmerson L, Lunn D, Hart T (2018). Time-lapse imagery of Adélie penguins reveals differential winter strategies and breeding site occupation. Plos ONE.

Black C, Raya Rey A, Hart T (2017). Peeking into the bleak midwinter- investigating non-breeding strategies of gentoo penguins using a camera network. The Auk

Black C, Collen B, Johnston D, Hart T (2016). Why huddle? Ecological drivers of chick aggregations in gentoo penguins across latitudes. Plos ONE, 11:2. 

Black C (2015). Phenology of Pygoscelis penguins: A comprehensive review of the phenology of Pygoscelis penguins. Polar Biology, 39:405.

Giraudeau M, Nolan P, Black C, Earl S, Hasegawa M, McGraw K (2014). Song characteristics track bill morphology along a gradient of urbanization in house finches (Haemorhous Mexicanus). Frontiers in Zoology, 11:83.