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I am a bioinformatician interested in the application of next-generation sequencing to novel problems.  I completed my BSc in Computer Science at the University of Wales, Swansea in 2001 before going to work for the Ministry of Defence for five years.  I then completed a MSc (2007) and PhD (2011) at the University of Manchester before completing post-docs at the University of Kansas (2011-2013), Dalhousie University (2014-2015) and the University of Edinburgh (206-2018).


My research interests lie in novel bioinformatics problems and the use of next generation sequencing.  My past research has included work on genotype imputation in non-model organisms and the phasing of very large SNP chip datasets.  My current focus is on being the bioinformatician on the SinPoll project which is attempting to sequence ancient pollen so as to be able to reconstruct population histories.


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Room 1.07 David Attenborough Building
01223 (7)65407