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Department of Zoology




I am a Quaternary Scientist with research interests in reconstructing palaeoenvironmental change and establishing land-sea correlations from glaciolacustrine and aeolian sediments. Having just completed my PhD at Cambridge, I am now working with Andrea Manica and the Evolutionary Ecology Research Group to investigate how spatial variability of ice sheets that existed during the last 1.5 Ma affected the distribution of plant and animal species.



Key publications: 
  • Murton D.K. and Murton J.B. 2012. Middle and Late Pleistocene glacial lakes of lowland Britain and the southern North Sea Basin. Quaternary International, 260, 115–142.
  • Murton D.K., Pawley S.M. and Murton J.B. 2009. Glaciolacustrine sediments in the Vale of York and the Late Devensian glacial history of eastern England. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, 120, 209–222.
Other publications: 
  • Murton J.B., Goslar T., Edwards M.E., Bateman M.D., Danilov P.P., Savvinov G.N., Gubin S.V., Ghaleb B., Haile J., Kanevskiy M., Lozhkin A.V., Lupachev A.V., Murton D.K., Shur Y., Tikhonov A., Vasil'chuk A.C., Vasil'chuk Y.K., Wolfe S.A. 2015. Palaeoenvironmental interpretation of yedoma silt (Ice Complex) deposition as cold-climate loess, Duvanny Yar, northeast Siberia. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 26, 208–288.
  • Belshaw R., Gibbard P.L., Murton J.B., Murton D.K. 2014. Early Middle Pleistocene drainage in southern central England. Netherlands Journal of Geosciences, 93, 135–145.
  • Murton D. 2011. INQUA 2001 Bern, Switzerland: a post excursion trip report. Quaternary Newsletter, 125, 20–23.
  • Murton D. 2009. British Permafrost and Periglacial Association Field Meeting to Breckland, East Anglia, 27–29 March 2009. Quaternary Newsletter, 118, 15–18.


Collaborator profiles: