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Dr Mark Dyble

Dr Mark Dyble

Research Fellow, Jesus College

Office Phone: 01223 (7)69277


I am an evolutionary anthropologist/biologist interested in the evolution of both human and non-human social systems and their relationship with reproduction, kinship, and cooperation. While my work before 2017 focused exclusively on humans, I am now expanding my research to consider mammalian societies more generally (and cooperatively breeding meerkats in particular).

Before starting in Cambridge, I was a Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse and before that a Research Associate in Evolutionary Anthropology at University College London. For my PhD (also at UCL), I conducted a study of the social organisation of the Agta, hunter-gatherers from the northern Philippines as part of the hunter-gatherer resilience team led by Dr Andrea Migliano.

Research Group

Large Animal Research Group:
Research Fellow

Key Publications

M. Dyble, J. Thompson, A. Page, D. Smith, N. Chaudhary, G. D. Salali, L. Vinicius, R. Mace, A. B. Migliano. (2016) Networks of food sharing reveal the functional significance of multilevel sociality in two hunter-gatherer groups. Current Biology 26 (15), 2017-2021. 

D. Smith, M. Dyble, J. Thompson, K. Major, A. Page, N. Chaudhary, G.D. Salali, L. Vinicius, A. Migliano, R. Mace. (2016) Camp Stability Predicts Patterns of Hunter-Gatherer Cooperation Royal Society Open Science 3:160131. 

M. Dyble, G. D. Salali, N. Chaudhary, A. Page, D. Smith, J. Thompson, L. Vinicius, R. Mace, A. B. Migliano. (2015) Sex equality can explain the unique social structure of hunter-gatherer bands. Science 348.6236: 796-798.

Other Publications

Y. Diekmann, D. Smith, P. Gerbault, M. Dyble, A.E. Page, N. Chaudhary, A.B. Migliano, M.G. Thomas. (2017) Accurate age estimation in small-scale societies. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114.31, 8205-8210

A Page, N. Chaudhary, S. Viguier; M. Dyble, J. Thompson, G.D. Salali, D. Smith, R. Mace, A.B. Migliano. (2017) Hunter Gatherer Social Networks and Reproductive Success. Scientific Reports (7) 1153

A.B. Migliano, A.E. Page, J. Gomez-Gardenes, S. Viguier, M. Dyble, J. Thompson, N. Chaudhary, G. D. Salali, D. Smith, J. Strods, V. Latora, R. Mace, L. Vinicius. (2017) High-resolution maps of hunter-gatherer social networks reveal human adaptation for cultural exchange. Nature Human Behaviour (1) 0043

G.D. Salali, N. Chaudhary, J. Thompson, O.M. Grace, X.M. van der Burgt, M. Dyble, A. Page, D. Smith, J. Lewis, R. Mace, L. Vinicius, A.B. Migliano. (2016) Knowledge-sharing networks in hunter-gatherers and the evolution of cumulative culture. Current Biology 26 (18), 2516–2521

N. Chaudhary, G. D. Salali, J. Thompson, A. Rey, P. Gerbault, E. Stevenson, M. Dyble, A Page, D. Smith, R. Mace, L. Vinicius, A. B. Migliano. (2016) Competition for Cooperation: variability, benefits and heritability of relational wealth in hunter-gatherers Scientific Reports 6:29120

A Page, S. Viguier, M. Dyble, D. Smith, N. Chaudhary, G. D. Salali, J. Thompson, L. Vinicius, R. Mace, A. B. Migliano. (2016) Reproductive trade-offs in extant hunter-gatherers suggest adaptive mechanism for the Neolithic expansion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.17, 4694-4699.

M. Dyble, A. van Leeuwen. & R.I.M. Dunbar. (2015) Gender differences in Christmas gift-giving. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences Vol 9(2), Apr 2015, 140-144.

N. Chaudhary; G.D. Salali; J. Thompson, M. Dyble, A. Page, D. Smith, R. Mace, A.B. Migliano. (2015) Polygyny without wealth: popularity in gift games predicts polygyny in BaYaka Pygmies. Royal Society Open Science 2: 150054.