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Department of Zoology



 I studied Biological Sciences at Oxford. I then went on to complete a Masters at Imperial College London in Computational Biology. I did my DPhil on the evolution of Helping and Harming behaviours under Stuart West and Michael Bonsall.  I am currently a PDRA with Rufus Johnstone looking at the evolution of group conflict in Banded Mongooses. I use a combination of evolutionary game theory, dynamical systems modelling, and agent based modelling to answer questions in evolutionary and behavioural biology. 


Key publications: 
Patel, M., Raymond, B., Bonsall, M.B., West, S.A., 2019. Crystal toxins and the volunteer’s dilemma in bacteria. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 32, 310–319.
Patel, M., West, S.A., Biernaskie, J.M., 2020. Kin discrimination, negative relatedness, and how to distinguish between selfishness and spite. Evolution Letters 4, 65–72.
Karlsson, C., Willis, J., Patel, M., Perera, T.B. de, 2019. Teleost fish can accurately estimate distance travelled. bioRxiv 834341.
Vila, J.C.C., Jones, M.L., Patel, M., Bell, T., Rosindell, J., 2019. Uncovering the rules of microbial community invasions. Nat Ecol Evol 3, 1162–1171.
Research Associate
Research Associate at Darwin College
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