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Professional experience                                                                                         
Newton International Fellow                                                                               University of Cambridge / March 2017 - Present
Associate Research Scholar                                                                                     Sun Yat-sen University / July 2016 - Present

Associate Research Scholar                          Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences / February 2016 - Present
Postdoctoral Research Associate                                                            Princeton University / September 2013 - December 2016
Visiting Scholar                                                                                                                Sun Yat-sen University / August 2013

Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation & Interdisciplinary Ecology                                                 University of Florida / 2013
B.S. in Biology (with distinction)                                                                                              Beijing Normal University / 2003


My core research interest is to obtain scientific knowledge to help tackle the challenges facing biodiversity under contemporary global environmental change.  I do this through (1) understanding the responses of populations, communities, and ecological interactions to land use change and climate change, two most prominent agents of global change, and (2) identifying the ecological and economic opportunities for achieving regional and global biodiversity gains under land use change related to agricultural and forestry production.  The methods I use to address these questions are grounded in ecological sciences, but also incorporate economic perspectives critical for providing real-world solutions.


Key publications: 

Hua F, Xu J, Wilcove DS. Accepted. A new opportunity to recover native forests in China. Conservation Letters. 

Hua F, Wang X, Zheng X, Fisher B, Wang L, Zhu J, Tang Y, Yu DW, Wilcove DS. 2016. Opportunities for biodiversity gains under the world’s largest reforestation programme. Nature Communications 7:12717. 

Hua F, Yong DL, Janra MN, Fitri LM, Prawiradilaga D, Sieving KE. 2016. Functional traits determine heterospecific use of risk-related social information in forest birds of tropical Southeast Asia. Ecology and Evolution 6:8485-8494.

Hua F, Sieving KE. 2016. Understory avifauna exhibits altered mobbing behavior in tropical forest degraded by selective logging. Oecologia 182:743-754.

Hua F, Hu J, Liu Y, Giam X, Lee TM, Luo H, Wu J, Liang Q, Zhao J, Long X, Pang H, Wang B, Liang W, Zhang Z, Gao X, Zhu J. 2016. Community‐wide changes in inter-taxonomic temporal co‐occurrence resulting from phenological shifts. Global Change Biology 22:1746-1754.

Hua F, Sieving KE, Fletcher RJ Jr, Wright CA. 2014. Increased perception of predation risk to adults and offspring alters avian reproductive strategy and performance. Behavioral Ecology 25:509-519. 

Hua F, Fletcher RJ Jr, Sieving KE, Dorazio RM. 2013. Too risky to settle: Avian community structure changes in response to perceived predation risk on adults and offspring. Proceedings of Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280:20130762.

Other publications: 

Malone K, Powell A, Hua F, Sieving KE. Bluebird. Accepted. Bluebirds perceive prey switching by Cooper’s hawks across an urban gradient and adjust reproductive effort. Ecoscience.

Tingley MW, Harris JBC, Hua F, Wilcove DS, Yong DL. 2017. The pet trade’s role in defaunation. Science, 356, 916.

Burivalova Z, Lee TM, Hua F, Lee JTSH, Prawiradilaga DM, Wilcove DS. 2017. Understanding consumer preferences and demography in order to reduce the domestic trade in wild-caught birds. Biological Conservation.

Harris JBC, Tingley MW, Hua F, Yong DL, Adeney JM, Lee TM, Marthy W, Pedhet S, Prawiradilaga DM, Sekercioglu CH, Winarni N, Wilcove DS. 2017. Measuring the impact of the pet trade on Indonesian birds. Conservation Biology. Doi: 10.1111/cobi.12729

Burivalova Z, Hua F, Koh LP, Garcia C, Putz F. 2017. A critical comparison of conventional, certified, and community management of tropical forests for timber in terms of environmental, economic, and social variables. Conservation Letters 10:4-14.

Hua F, Marthy W, Lee D, Janra MN. 2011. Globally threatened Sunda Blue Flycatcher Cyornis caerulatus: Synthesis of global records and recent records from Sumatra. Forktail 27:83-85.

Newton International Fellow
Research Associate

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