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Felicity E Bedford

Felicity E Bedford

PhD Candidate

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building
Office Phone: 01223 (7)69018


I completed my Biological Sciences undergratuate degree at Oxford University where I went on to study for an MSc Biodiveristy Conservation and Management.

I started at Cambridge University in 2012 as a doctoral training programme student funded by the Biotechnology and BioSciences Research Council (BBSRC). During my first year at Cambridge I completed several short projects, contributing towards an MRes, working with the Evolution and Development Group, Plant Sciences Department and the National Institute of Agricultural Botany(NIAB). I joined the Conservation Science Group in 2013 to start my PhD supervised by Bill Sutherland and Lynn Dicks.

Key Publications

Bedford, F. E., R. J. Whittaker, and J. T. Kerr. 2012. Rapid climate change and the latitudinal gradient in geographical range responses in a Canadian pollinator taxon. Botany 90: 587-597. (special issue on pollination and conservation).

Other Publications

Bentley A.R., M. Scutari, N. Gosman,S. Faure, F. Bedford, P. Howell, J. Cockram, G.A. Rose, T. Barber, J. Irigoyen, R. Horsnell, C. Pumfrey, E. Winnie, J. Schacht, K. Beauchêne, S.Praud, A. Greenland, D. Balding and I.J. Mackay. 2014. Applying association mapping and genomic selection to the dissection of key traits in elite European wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics