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Dr Isabel Palacios

Dr Isabel Palacios


Lab S3
Office S5
Group S9

Office Phone: 01223 (7)67837 or (7)68910

Research Interests

Our research group focuses on understanding the genetic, cell biology and biophysics basis of cell polarity and cell fate in a multicellular organism.

Key Publications

  • Palacios IM  (2014). Hop on hop off: polysomes take a tour of the cell on endosomes. J. Cell Biology. 2014 Feb 3;204(3):287-9.
  • Gómez-Lamarca MJ, Cobreros-Reguera L, Ibáñez-Jiménez B, Palacios IM and Martín-Bermudo MD. (2014). Integrins regulate epithelial cell differentiation by modulating Notch activity. J. Cell Science.  In press.