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Department of Zoology



I am based jointly between the Departments of Zoology and Plant Sciences, investigating how plant petal surfaces and insect adhesive structures interact during pollinator visits.  In particular, I am interested in the diversity of pollinator tarsal morphology and whether plants can use petal epidermal morphology to shape and modify pollinator behaviour.  I work mainly with bees but also with other insects including ants and cockroaches.  I am fascinated by social insects in general and enjoy branching out into other areas when the opportunity arises!


Key publications: 
  • Pattrick J.G., Shepherd T., Hoppitt W., Plowman N.S., and Willmer P. (2017) A dual function for 4-methoxybenzaldehyde in Petasites fragrans? Pollinator-attractant and ant-repellent. Arthropod-Plant Interactions
  • Pattrick J.G., Block W. & Glover B.J. (2017) The effect of the Bee Gym grooming device on Varroa destructor mite fall from honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies.  Journal of Apicultural Research 56, 63-70.
  • Bailes E.J., Ollerton J., Pattrick J.G. & Glover B.J. (2015) How can an understanding of plant-pollinator interactions contribute to global food security?  Current Opinion in Plant Biology 26, 72-79.
  • Nityananda V. & Pattrick J.G. (2013) Bumblebee visual search for multiple learned target types. The Journal of Experimental Biology 216, 4154-4160.
  • Willmer P.G., Nuttman C.V., Raine N.E., Stone G.N., Pattrick J.G., Henson K., Stillman P., McIlroy L., Potts S.G. & Knudsen J.T. (2009) Floral volatiles controlling ant behaviour. Functional Ecology 23, 888-900.
PhD Student

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