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Department of Zoology



I started my PhD in October 2016 in the Insect Biomechanics workgroup. I returned to my childhood fascination with insects after studying biochemistry and biophysics at Yale University. I hail from South Korea, New Zealand, and the US.


Have you ever tried to use a suction cup on a wooden surface? Or on any surface that is not clean, flat, and non-porous? Suction cups only work well on a narrow set of conditions, but animals use suction to adhere to a much broader range of surface conditions. For my PhD, I am investigating how invertebrates manage to stick to wet surfaces. More specifically, I seek to describe the (bio)mechanical principles governing natural suction organs on wet, rough, and biofilm-covered surfaces. Insights gleaned from my research can one day inspire biomimetic suction devices that can attach more strongly and for longer periods of time than existing technologies. 

I also maintain keen interest in biochemistry, and am investigating natural adhesives from a range of sources.

PhD Student
Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Stage Researcher

Contact Details

S16 Austin Building
01223 (7)68916