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Department of Zoology



Research Lecturer at the University of Southampton


My interests range from forest ecology to urban wildlife in respect to diversity and distribution. I am interested in all areas of wildlife-human conflicts and wildlife ecology in human-dominated landscapes, and in the application of my research results to the conservation/management of biological resources.

Currently, I am working on the ecosystem service assessment project to develop and test tools for rapidly assessing the net impact of site-based conservation on the provision of ecosystem services. This project runs in collaboration with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, BirdLife International, Anglia Ruskin University and UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre.

I propose to continue developing the theme of diversity-functioning relationship in the tropics. I plan to initiate new projects that involved large spatial data sets, in Southeast Asia and central Africa where issues such as species habitat loss and environmental degradation are becoming very pressing. My future research plans also include initiating a project to investigate the environmental impact of China’s involvement in Africa. The purpose of this project is to investigate not the political or developmental implications of China’s policies, but their ecological and social-economic consequences on Africa.


Key publications: 

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Peh, K.S.-H., Lewis S.L. & Lloyd J. (2011) Mechanisms of monodominance in diverse tropical tree-dominated systems. Journal of Ecology, 99, 891-898.


Other publications: 
Journal articles
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