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Department of Zoology



For my PhD, I am exploring how predators use social information about prey unpalatability, how information use varies among individuals, and what effects this has on the evolution of prey defences. I am studying this using great tits (Parus major) and blue tits (Cyanistes caeruleus) as predators, and conducting experiments both in captivity and in the wild. I am supervised by Dr. Rose Thorogood and co-supervised by Dr. Hannah Rowland and Prof. Johanna Mappes (University of Jyväskylä).


Key publications: 

Hämäläinen, L., Rowland, H.M., Mappes, J. & Thorogood, R. (2017) Can video playback provide social information for foraging blue tits? PeerJ, e3062

Other publications: 

Hämäläinen, L., Valkonen, J., Mappes, J. & Rojas, B. (2015) Visual illusions in predator–prey interactions: birds find moving patterned prey harder to catch. Animal cognition. 18: 1059–1068.

Chargé, R., Wedell, N., Lindstedt, C., Hämäläinen, L., Övermark, E. & Mappes, J. (2016) Variation in male fertility in a polymorphic moth, Parasemia plantaginis. Animal behaviour. 111: 33-40.


PhD Student

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