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I am pursuing an MPhil in Biological Science (Zoology) degree by working on a research with oil palm pollination as the topic. My MPhil project was conducted in the BEFTA Project plots in Riau, Indonesia. I studied the impact of local and landscape-scale management types on the abundance of pollinating insects and fruit set in oil palm plantations. My MPhil is funded by Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education) under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.


I am interested in studying the role of species diversity in ecosystem services, such as pollination. Even though there has been a growing concern about improving biodiversity within oil palm plantations, very little is known about the impact of management on pollinating insects. Hence, for my MPhil research, I studied how local and landscape-scale management types affected pollinating insects. I also recorded data on fruit set to investigate how current management affected yield.

MPhil candidate

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