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In 2016, I obtained my undergraduate degree from Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia, during which I gained experiences in exploring tropical insect biodiversity. I continued my study at the University of Cambridge for an MPhil degree in 2018. My master's project was conducted in the BEFTA Programme plots in Riau, Indonesia, where I studied the impact of local and landscape-scale management types on pollinating insects and oil palm fruit set. My MPhil was funded by Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education).

Aspired to further understand how management can be improved for biodiversity and ecosystem functions in the tropics, I will study how varying structures of river margins in oil palm landscapes affect insect movement and some key ecosystem functions.


I am interested in understanding how biodiversity and ecosystem functions could benefit from landscape management in the tropics. Based in oil palm plantations in Malaysia, I will investigate the impact of different structures of river margin on insect movement, particularly butterfly and dragonfly, and some ecosystem functions (pollination, herbivory and predation). My PhD is funded by Jardine Foundation and Cambridge Trust.


Key publications: 

Luke, S.H., Advento, A.D., Aryawan, A.A.K., Adhy, D.H., Ashton-Butt, A., Barclay, H., Dewi, J.P., Drewer, J., Dumbrell, A.J., Edi, Eycott, A.E., Harianja, M.F., Hinsch, J.K., Hood, A.S-C., Kurniawan, C., Kurz, D.J., Mann, D.J., Matthews Nicholass, K.J., Naim, M., Pashkevich, M.D., Prescott, G.W., Ps, S., Pujianto, Purnomo, D., Purwoko, R.R., Putra, S., Rambe, T.D.S., Soeprapto, Spear, D.M., Suhardi, Tan, D.J.X., Tao, H-H., Tarigan, R.S., Wahyuningsih, R., Waters, H.S., Widodo, R.H., Whendy, Woodham, C.R., Caliman, J-P., Slade, E.M., Snaddon, J.L., Foster, W.A., Turner, E.C. (2020). Managing oil palm plantations more sustainably: large-scale experiments within the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function in Tropical Agriculture (BEFTA) Programme. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, 2.

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