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In 2018, I graduated from King’s College Cambridge with a BA in Natural Sciences. The course provided me with a strong and comprehensive foundation and catalysed a particular interest in neurobiology and neurodevelopment; how complex neuronal cytoarchitectures arise reproducibly during an animal’s ontogenesis. In my final year, I undertook a research project with Matthias Landgraf, which interrogated the developmental logic of neurotransmitter specification in Drosophila. I am now studying for my MPhil with Elia Benito-Gutierrez, dissecting the evolutionary origins and trajectory of a signalling pathway which is crucial in mammalian corticogenesis, using the cephalochordate Amphioxus as a model. The evolution of development is fascinating to me, and next year I’m pleased to be able to continue in the lab for my PhD, generously funded by the Ben and Cath Wynne-Simmons Studentship, to work on establishing a transcriptional blueprint of the ancestral vertebrate brain.

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