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Department of Zoology


I am a MPhil candidate in the Balmford group with a keen interest in reconciling development with nature. My current research focuses on the trade-offs between tropical forest conservation and local food production, and how that leads to the displacement of agricultural-driven deforestation activities outside of the intervention area.

I graduated from the Natural Sciences Tripos (Zoology) at the University of Cambridge in 2022. As an undergraduate, I have participated in research projects for the Department of Zoology at Cambridge and also for the Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Hong Kong, on topics related to ecology and conservation genetics. 

Following graduation, I joined the Cambridge Centre for Carbon Credits as a Research Assistant and carried out impact evaluation for numerous REDD+ and carbon credit projects, with the aim of improving carbon credit valuation so that forest conservation projects deliver better outcomes for the climate, biodiversity, and people.

MPhil Student

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