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Department of Zoology


I am currently an MPhil student in Biological Science in the Department of Zoology. My research focuses on the evolutionary history and phylogenetics of shrews (Soricidae), a ubiquitous but obscure mammal group that has been previously overlooked and whose evolution is not very well understood. Supervised by Dr Robert Asher, I am undertaking a one-year project aiming to reconstruct a more comprehensive soricid phylogeny incorporating both anatomical and molecular data.


  • BSc Biological Sciences, Imperial College London


Key publications: 
  • Brazeau, M. D., Yuan, H., Giles, S., Jerve, A. L., Zorig, E., Ariunchimeg, Ya., Sansom, R. S., & Atwood, R. C. (2023). A well-preserved ‘placoderm’ (stem-group Gnathostomata) upper jaw from the Early Devonian of Mongolia clarifies jaw evolution. Royal Society Open Science, 10(2), 221452.