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Dr Sinead English

Research Interests

I am an evolutionary ecologist interested in the role of mothers and early-life experiences on development and evolution, using a combination of theory and comparative analyses. I am interested in how the use of information within and across generations can explain sensitive windows and differential input from genes, parents and the environment to development. I have just started a research programme investigating the role of mother-offspring conflict on ecological and evolutionary processes in tsetse flies and other Diptera (see here for more details).

Key Publications

English, S., I. Pen, N. Shea, T. Uller. Non-genetic inheritance in plants and animals. PLoS One. 2015. 10(1): e0116996.

English, S., A.W. Bateman, R. Mares, A. Ozgul, T.H. Clutton-Brock. Maternal, social and abiotic environmental effects on growth vary across life stages in a cooperative mammal. Journal of Animal Ecology. 2014. 83(2), 332-342.

Uller, T., S. Nakagawa, S. English. Weak evidence for anticipatory parental effects in plants and animals. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 2013. 26(10), 2161-2170.

English, S., E. Huchard, J.F. Nielsen, T.H. Clutton‐Brock. Early growth, dominance acquisition and lifetime reproductive success in male and female cooperative meerkats. Ecology and Evolution. 2013. 3(13), 4401-4407.

Other Publications

Please see my Google Scholar profile for a complete and up-to-date list of publications.