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Department of Zoology



I completed my master’s in Wildlife Biology from A.V.C College, India. For Master’s thesis, I worked on a seasonally polyphenic butterfly Common Evening Brown (Melanitis leda) which exhibits wet and dry season forms. I carried out experiments to figure out environmental cues that govern the expression of alternative phenotypes. Currently, I am a graduate student in Paul Brakefield’s lab and the broad aim of my research will be to understand how seasonality drives the evolution of life-history traits in tropical Mycalesina butterflies.


Key publications: 

Halali, S., Brakefield, P. M., Collins, S. C. & Brattstrom, O. (2020). To mate, or not to mate: The evolution of reproductive diapause facilitates insect radiation into African savannahs in the Late Miocene. Journal of Animal Ecology, 89, 1230– 1241.

PhD Student

Contact Details

Office S8A
Lab S29
01223 (3)36653 or (3)36623