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Department of Zoology



I completed my undergraduate degree at Clare College, Cambridge, reading natural sciences. I then worked for a London-based fintech start-up called Arkera for a year as a data analyst before returning to Cambridge to begin a PhD under Prof Eske Willerslev in the Department of Zoology. I am the current holder of the Weis-Fogh studentship. 


My research interests focus on using bioinformatics to investigate human evolution and population history through ancient and modern DNA, in order to explain present-day patterns of genetic diversity, distribution, disease load and culture.

Previously, I worked under Dr Maanasa Raghavan (University of Chicago), researching language-gene co-evolution in the Americas - the idea that linguistic and genetic groups have similar patterns of variation and structure over time.

I am now focussed on tracing which adaptive/disease variants in modern human genomes derive from specific ancestral populations across Eurasia. 

Postgraduate Student

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Room 1.07 David Attenborough Building