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Department of Zoology

  Personal Profile Research Group

Professor Michael Akam

Laboratory for Development and Evolution

Dr David Aldridge

Aquatic Ecology Group

Professor William Amos

Molecular Ecology Group

Dr Robert Asher

Mammal Evolution and Morphology
Professor Andrew Balmford Conservation Science Group
Dr Howard Baylis Baylis Group
Dr Elia Benito-Gutierrez

Benito-Gutiérrez Group

Professor Malcolm Burrows Insect Neurobiology Group
Dr Jose Casal Planar Cell Polarity Group
Professor Tim Clutton-Brock Large Animal Research Group
Dr Lynn Dicks Agroecology Group
Dr Walter Federle Insect Biomechanics Workgroup
Dr Andrew Gillis Gillis Lab
Dr Jason Head Vertebrate Palaeontology Group
Dr Berthold Hedwig Neurobiology of Acoustic Communication
Dr James Herbert-Read Marine Behavioural Ecology Group
Dr Gregory Jefferis Drosophila Connectomics
Professor Chris Jiggins Insect Evolution and Genomics Group
Professor Rufus Johnstone Behaviour and Evolution Group
Professor Rebecca Kilner Kilner Group
Dr Torsten Krude Krude Lab
Dr Matthias Landgraf

Drosophila Connectomics

Neural Network Development Group

Dr Peter Lawrence Planar Cell Polarity Group
Professor Andrea Manica Evolutionary Ecology Group
Dr Rahia Mashoodh Mashoodh Group
Dr Emily Mitchell Deep-time Ecology Group
Dr Nicholas Mundy Evolutionary Genetics Group
Dr Emília Santos Morphological Evolution Group
Professor Derek Smith Pathogen Evolution Group
Dr Claire Spottiswoode Spottiswoode Group
Professor William Sutherland Conservation Science Group
Dr Edgar Turner Insect Ecology Group
Dr Tim Weil Weil Lab
Professor Eske Willerslev GeoGenetics Group (Cambridge)
Dr Marta Zlatic Zlatic Group