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Department of Zoology


List of Participants at the Alumni Day 2017

Jonathan Bacon (Christ's)

Elizabeth Cleaver (now Patterson) (Girton)

Anthony Douglas Jones (Queens)

John Durant (Queens)

Jonathan Gravestock (St John's)

Ian Harvey (King's)

Steve Head (Corpus)

Rose Heritage (now Burley) (Girton)

Peter Horsfield (Corpus)

Katie Petty (now Petty-Saphon) (Newnham)

Philip Rainbow (Clare)

Geoff Shellswell (St Catharine's)

Roy Smith (St Catharine's)

Liz Barron (now Davies) Newnham [studied Biology of Organisms]

Contacted but unable to attend:

John Carter (Corpus)

Alison Hine (New Hall)

Sue Swift (nee Murch) (COLLEGE)

Graeme Patterson (Churchill)

Dan Scott (St Catharine's)