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I am a behavioural ecologist with a broad interest in cooperative behaviour and animal health. For my current post-doc, working with Dr Claire Spottiswoode, I am investigating the evolution and maintenance of guiding behaviour in the greater honeyguide. For more information see the project website.


Key publications: 
  1. Cram D, [...], Spottiswoode C (2022) The ecology and evolution of human‐wildlife cooperation. People and Nature
  2. van der Wal J, [...], Cram D* (2022) Safeguarding human-wildlife cooperation. Conservation Letters [*senior author]
  3. Cram D, Monaghan P, Gillespie R, Dantzer B, Duncan C, Spence-Jones H & Clutton-Brock T (2018) Rank-related contrasts in longevity arise from extra-group excursions not delayed senescence in a cooperative mammal. Current Biology 
  4. Cram D, Monaghan P, Gillespie R & Clutton-Brock T (2017) Effects of early-life competition and maternal nutrition on telomere lengths in wild meerkats. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  5. Cram D, Blount J, York J & Young A (2015) The oxidative costs of reproduction are group-size dependent in a wild cooperative breeder. Proceedings of the Royal Society B
  6. Cram D, Blount J & Young A (2015) Oxidative status and social dominance in a wild cooperative breeder. Functional Ecology 

A full publication list is available on my Google Scholar Profile and for PDF access please visit my website

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D Cram

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