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Rosalind Gleave

Rosalind Gleave

Conservation Biology Coordinator

Room 3.01 David Attenborough Building


I work as acting Managing Editor of the journal Conservation Evidence, as well as organising 2017’s annual horizon scan exercise for Professor William Sutherland. I also work part-time for BirdLife International, improving communications within the Partnership.

Prior to moving to Cambridge I worked for several years at, an open access cancer journal and non-profit education website aimed at breaking down barriers in medical education. During this time I also sat on the committee of Bristol Nature Network, a voluntary grassroots organisation dedicated to giving opportunities to young adults who love the natural environment.

My academic background has seen me conducting tropical forest fragmentation research at the SAFE project, Malaysian Borneo, as part of an MSc at Imperial College London. I have also given field support to research run by the University of Cape Town looking at the impact of powerline collision rates on populations of Ludwig’s bustards (Neotis ludwigii) in South Africa.

Key Publications

Ewers, R. M., Boyle, M. J. W., Gleave, R. A., Plowman, N. S., Benedick, S., Bernard, H., Bishop, T. R., Bakhtiar, E. Y., Chey, V. K., Chung, A. Y. C., Davies, R. G., Edwards, D. P., Eggleton, P., Fayle, T. M., Hardwick, S. R., Homathevi, R., Kitching, R. L., Khoo, M. S., Luke, S. H., March, J. J., Nilus, R., Pfeifer, M., Rao, S. V., Sharp, A. C., Snaddon, J. L., Stork, N. E., Struebig, M. J., Wearn, O. R., Yusah, K. M. & Turner, E. C. (2015). Logging cuts the functional importance of invertebrates in tropical rainforest. Nature Communications, 6: 6836.